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Step into the culinary realm helmed by Chef Rio. Blending tradition with innovation, our menu echoes the Edo period's culinary heritage, reinvigorated through the Shichirin Binchotan grill. Chef Rio's creations reflect heartfelt cooking, seamlessly connecting the past with the present. Elevating this, our curated artisanal sake collection enhances the flavors of each dish. Immerse yourself in the philosophy of cooking from the heart, where every element converges to craft an unforgettable dining experience.

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"Cook from the heart, enjoy the process, and your guests will feel it."

Head Chef Rio Neo

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You can order online and enjoy Tanoke in the comfort of your home or workplace! Whether you're hosting a party, having a work-from-home meal, or simply craving for something delightful, Tanoke is here for you!

Get free delivery on orders above $150+ and enjoy 15% off with self-pickup. For large party orders or deliveries to multiple locations, contact us at

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